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Wed 8. September kl. 15:12


Another intimate jazz-experiment is taking place at the Rooftop of Platform4.

This time, GIVRUM.nu and Rooftop Jazz Nights celebrates the wonders of the Unpredictable, when five very different artists are being smashed together at the wooden loft of Platform4.

Expect nothing. Experience everything.
This is Rooftop Jazz Nights.

WORDART: Johanne Merke
DOUBBLE BASS: Anders Ammitzbøll
REEDS: Jacob Danielsen
ELECTRONICS: Christian Skjødt
VISUALS: Kristian Ravn-Ellestad

Doors: 20.00
Koncert: 21.00 + 22.00

Entrance: 60,- (Platformers/ students 25,-)

GIVRUM.nu is an organisation that is trying to make it easier for us all to use empty buildings around in DK for cultural and social purposes.

GIVRUM.nu offers free advice for social and cultural entrepreneurs, that wishes to start cultural platforms.


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