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» Now is the time to jump the rocket


Mon 7. March kl. 18:01


nitusind.nu is happy to pass this message on to all of you art & culture interested people in Aalborg!
- We'll keep the message in english as there are also many international students involved in Platform4.

We are looking much forward to the coming season of Platform4, and we hope that the crazy house at the harbour will prosper together with you.



As you may know, Platform4 has received a large grant from the Danish Art Council - 1,5 million kroners to be used over the next two years. The project name for this supplement to Platform4's activities is called PLATFORM4.0.FUTURE and will consist of workshops, performances, maker-sessions, hacking, building and experimenting between the local community and cool and interesting people from all over the world, who will be flown into Aalborg to rock with us!

The planning of all this will now start. And here is the cool part: We are CROWDSOURCING this process, so anybody can be part of it - including you! Now is your chance to really take part in shaking Aalborg, creating friends, build networks - and your career!

We have three degrees of participation roles in PLATFORM4.0.FUTURE:


Do you want a career within art, technology, media, curation? We offer you a position in the core planning group, where you will have direct influence of the entire project. Your opinion will thereby directly help shape the project. In this group we will take care of the entire planning and execution together, and after the season you will be able to put on your resumé that you were one of the responsible project managers of Platform4.0.Future. This is the sort of opportunity that comes once every 10 years in Aalborg.
We expect you to be responsible, dedicated, available for a small handfull of meetings every week, wanting to do some homework (contacting people, researching etc.), be willing to take initiative - like a part-time student job, but totally alternative, fun and totally rewarding. In return, you will be able to take the first step in a career. We'll experiment and make successes - and probably also some failures, and that's okay - together. And together we will create one of the most fantastic projects Denmark has ever seen.


If you want to take active part (even taking control) of one of the projects in PLATFORM4.0.FUTURE, you can sign up to be a PROJECTFORMER. You will decide what project to be involved in (maybe one of your own ideas that can be funded), what active role you want and help set the date for the project, so it fits into your calendar and studies, work etc. You will be able to channel your energy into one or more projects of your choosing and work closely together with the FUTUREFORMERS to create cool events and projects.
We expect you to be dedicated to the project throughout and do your part to make sure the plan succeeds. In return you get a pretty nice gig for your resumé too! - as well as creative freedom with a budget!


This is the role that many of you already know - it is the most free role that we all have by default. You can decide where, when and how you want to to participate, short term dedication - just like it has always been. We expect you to smile, help out as you feel you can and set your own pace. This is the role that you know from the last couple of years, which is an extremely important one. Without platformers, no Platform!

All groups meet for WednesdayPanorama as always. FUTUREFORMERS will be there every time (unless prevented, of course). PROJECTFORMERS as much as they can and as their project demands to succeed and PLATFORMERS when they want and have the time.

You can join any group at any time, but if you want to really rock Aalborg as a FUTUREFORMER and get an official statement with full merit at the end of the season, we need to hear from you now!


JUMP THE ROCKET - or shoot us questions - AT info@platform4.dk!

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