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17/02/2018 - 09:01
Fre 6. November kl. 21:00
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Aalborg 9000

The everyman avantgardists in SVIN make up an unrestricted unit on a mission to create a greater genre diversity in a world where the music industry’s cash register sets the agenda.

SVIN is an unorthodox approach to instrumental music. They combine Sonic Youth’s repressed aggression and madness with Arvo Pärts’s fragile melodic vein and culminate in an energetic, extrovert African drum fest.

The band has written themselves into the ranks of heirs to the founders of modern music, in a perspective that reaches further than the claustrophobic definitions and limiting genre divisions.

SVIN celebrates freedom in music and hails independence, love and limitless diversity in art!

SVIN haven’t been wasting their time since the debut album “Heimat” from 2011 and their 2nd album “Secretly We are Gay” from 2014. With numerous European tours and prestige festival-shows, SVIN has made a name for themselves on the international scene of experimental music and harvested top reviews in national as well as international media.


While infinitely changing the mood of their music, Kogekunst challenges the listeners with an at the same time peeled and raw yet rich and diverse sound.

This droning noise beat duo from Aalborg plays music bordering both melodic tunes and chaotic tidal waves of pure noise. A sonic experience in its truest form.