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» Celebrate creativity!

Lør 29. Oktober kl. 21:00 - Søn 30. Oktober kl. 05:00
Arrangementet er overstået
Karolinelundsvej 38-40
Aalborg 9000

Celebrate creativity at the Platform4 Award Show!
October 29th Platform4 invites you all to celebrate the many creative minds of Aalborg and hood.

Platform4 Awards 2011 is a full night of exhibition, a crazy award show and an amazing afterparty.
The entrance is free if you join the whole thing!
Remember: Put on your 1950's Galla Outfit and feel the difference in the bar!

The Exhibition – VOTE
Oct 29th  : 13.00-16.00 + 19.00-20.30 @Rooftop
Oct 29th : 13.30 Rufus Spencer, acoustic opening concert

* Your vote decides which project will win The People's Choice Award! *

Oct 30th : 13.00-16.00: Exhibition, see the winners again.

The Award Show - LIVE
The best projects will be awarded Saturday 29th of October at an amazing event with performances by

*  Tone feat. Kamikaze *
*  Zjakalen *
*  Versefod & Kvæde *

The Platform4 Award and The People's Choice Award will be awarded by the prominent jury and The People itself.
There will be music, dance-performance, rap, poetry, speeches, surprises, surprises and more surprises!

The Afterparty - MOVE
The Afterparty is pure fun, dance and partying.
We are blessed with an exclusive music line-up, which will inspire you, will move you and will kick your ass:

* Reptile & Retard *
* Band Ane (Solo!) *
* Vectral *
* The Ring: Local DJ Heroes' Battle (2 stages at one time!) *

*** The Award Show kicks off on 29th of October at 21h00. The entrance is free ***
*** From 22h30 the entrance fee is 50 DKK (if you didn't participate in the Award Show) ***

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