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Dirty. Gritty. Awesome. There may be no words that better describe the rock and roll chaos that is James Leg.

If James Leg sounds uncannily like the guy who sings for the Black Diamond Heavies it’s because he’s John Wesley Myers of that same band. Solitary Pleasure dips into common musical paint pots (bluesy keyboards, greasy soul and raucous garage), mixes in a bit more pop and splatters the lot over a wide canvas. Leg’s guttural vocal is at the heart of this music and his trademark Fender Rhodes accompaniment isn’t going anywhere soon.

James Leg, the son of a Texas preacher, started playing piano when he was just six. Raised on southern gospel music, he began preaching at the church his father pastored at the age of 14. Two years later he became infected with the lure of rock-n-roll and eventually alcohol and drugs. It was this contrast of good & evil, heaven & hell that would affect not only his music - solo and otherwise - but also his impassioned live performances evoking some sort of fervid snake-handling Pentecostal preacher in the middle of a lung-busting, jugular-popping sermon.

Hank Robot is words and music. A guitar. A harmonica. A kick and a tambourine -told, recorded, produced and performed by one man. Kim Kix.

A tall handsome, blue-eyed sumbitch - a ladies friend, a redneck's worst enemy. A man who's seen some of the worst things happen in his own back alley, and a man who's seen some of the most beautiful things happen in his own backyard. A man who's got something to say, only if he's got something to say. A man. One man. One long shadow. A father. A lover. A voice.