Decibelles (FRA) + Shadowhouse (US)

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Decibelles is a three-piece indie rock band from Lyon, France. Influenced by post punk, new wave, noise rock and power pop. Singer and guitarist Sabrina Duval, singer and drummer Fanny Bouland, and bassist Emilie D'Ornano formed the band in 2004 as they were in highschool.

Since releasing their first 7" in 2007 things have started to happen for these three women from southern France. In 2011 the band issued their first album, Pedro Joko independantly, without label, which was noticed by the indie punk circle. Ensue a year of shows and touring.

In april 2013, they released a new song « Clouds », which earned them an article in Les Inrocks. This was followed by a split LP with the band EinzWeiDreiVier.

They have shared stages with great band like Screaming Females , See Through Dresses, The Death Set, Bo Ningen, Camilla Sparksss and Schellac.

With the self-ascribed motto "Play loud, Dance slow," Portland-basedShadowhouse sits at the intersection of post punk and goth. Singer/guitarist Shane grew up in the punk clubs of SE Portland and formed the band in early 2012, along with Josh on drums, Justin on bass and Ashley on synths.

The Oregon based quartet dust off a classic 60’s inspired sound that could possibly earn David Lynch’s approval. In fact, if Deutschland’s Pink Turns Blue came out 20 years earlier, they might have sounded a lot like Shadowhouse.

Place the record on the same shelve as Sisters Of Mercy, Bauhaus, Belgrado, Lost Tribe, The Spectres, Christian Death and other good bands..