Austin Lucas (us) + Stöj Snak (dk)

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Austin Lucas is back for the fourth time with his bluegrass, folk, and classic country meet bar-band rock & roll for fans of Chuck Ragan, Frank Turner and Johnny Cash.

Raised in the backwoods country of Monroe County, Indiana, Austin Lucas was born into a folk and bluegrass lineage. Learning to harmonize before learning to read, Lucas honed his vocal control as a member of the nationally-acclaimed Indiana University Children’s Choir. 

In a narrative as well-worn as it is true, Lucas rebelled against his upbringing, leaving his Americana roots for the catharsis of punk rock. After the better part of a decade spent crisscrossing the globe with a series of bands in broken-down vans, Lucas hit a musical glass-ceiling, eventually finding respite for his ringing ears in the delicacy of traditional songcraft.


Sometimes some of the best punk music in the world comes from a dirty basement tucked away in a dark corner, and so it seems with Stöj Snak. Self described as a Danish folk punk screamer-songwriter band, Stöj Snak is the brain child of the Mighty Midgets’ guitarist/backing vocalist, Niels H. Sörensen, who is the sole official member of the band.

The lyrical content is your typical punk packaged mix of political outrage, laced with optimistic encouragement and a sprinkling of sarcasm. The urgency with which the words are delivered is what slips the hook in though.

Stöj Snak has a long tradion for supporting Austin Lucas at 1000Fryd and we see no point in not going along with that :)