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New to Aalborg?

Here's three rutes that will take you to very! different places in the city.

Easy (every day/weekend)

1. Azurra / Nordkraft.

Start your day with a sandwich in Azurra. These semi-italian guys make nice and fresh sandwiches, not too expensive either. While waiting for your food, take a walk in the huge old charcoal power plant Nordkraft, which is now transformed into a cultural center.

2. The grass around Utzon Center.

So, you've got your sandwich - now take it for a walk; Just around the corner you'll find the Utzon Center, which is the final architectural monument of the famous Jørn Utzon. The grass area around is a good spot for chilling.

3. The Main Library.

Kinda nice, huh? Now, get up and move to the Main Library of Aalborg. When entering through the main entrance, make sure to turn left into the children's department - Here, you'll find some free arcade machines and lots of kids gaming. Also spend some time in the, slightly hidden, upstairs music/video department. And make sure to grab an inspiring looking book on your way out.

4. Platform4 / Karolinelund.

The nice and creative people of Platform4 offer organic drinks and freshly baked chocolate cake.Cheap and with a lot of crunch!  Plus free WI-FI. Check out the many possibilities of joining the experimental project, Platform4, and of course, take a walk in the newly opened people's park - the former Amusement Park (Tivoli Karolinelund) of Aalborg.

5. Biffen / Nordkraft.

So, after an easy day in the eastern center of Aalborg, it's time for a good movie in nice settings. Walk the 100 steps back to Nordkraft and find the cinema Biffen. They have a wide range of independent and semi-popular movies. Always a good experience.

Medium (late week/weekend)

1. This active day starts with a refreshing swim in the indoor swimming pool Haraldslund. You can also use the gym, the saunas, the steam bath, and of course - the horrifically cold Viking tub.

2. Awakened and ready, second stop is the funky café Ulla Terkelsen. Not exactly cheap, but for the price they offer a really good brunch, and other dishes too. The café is big, but not too big, and the mood is always on top.

3. Take a nice long walk across the city center, make sure to get lost and bump into the many nice small shops - a few steps before you reach the Main Library, you'll find a second hand shop called Det Gyldne Dådyr (the golden deer). The girls inside sell old clothes, which they renew in various creative ways. They also serve a very good coffee.

4. You probably need a beer by now? We suggest you visit Down Town, a good old Aalborg-bar which has recently been renovated and is now visited by a lot of young people too.

5. What you didn't know is that you're actually warming up for a concert at Studenterhuset (Student's House). Besides an extensive concert program, Studenterhuset has a café with pool- and fussballtable, and offer a wide selection of board games. If you're a student at AAU you can even volunteer and hence get free entrance.


Hard (weekend)

1. Ready? Really?! Go to Café Victoria and get the first beer! Grab the guitar on the wall after your second beer. Beers are cheap, don't get tempted - you have a long night ahead of you.

2. Just around the corner you'll find 1000Fryd, the last original fortress of autonomous youth culture in Aalborg. At 1000Fryd, you'll find ateliers, rehearsal rooms, an indie cinema - and the city's best White Russian made with organic soya milk. If, you're into the vibe, make sure to become a volunteer.

3. Dance your way to Viva La Revolución, and keep dancing for at least a couple of hours: Viva often has a live concert, dirty DJs and popular pop/hip hop/electronic act. This is where you'll find yourself in a weird conversation. Make sure to get there before midnight, where the beers are cheap.

4. Extent your night further at Bino's - the place for people that cannot quit. Gather for the last two-five beers and make sure to have the conversation that you will certainly forget.

5. Still alive? Meet your zombie friends at the "exotic" Mallorca Bar next to the train station. Schkål!


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