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The Supreme Court reversed the trial court's decision and held that this
employee can't succeed on either his reasons for action for bad faith pursuant to the
Texas Insurance Code or his DTPA factors behind action pursuant...

05/03/2018 - 04:22
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Magtfuld "Richard III"

17/02/2018 - 09:01

His passion for music and energetic DJ sets has made Runge a respected name in the Danish electronic dance scene. Progressive melodies and uplifting beats defines his style which reaches out to the crowd in the clubs and on his monthly radio show at Sense.fm!

Runge is living what could be called a double life. In the day he's a fulltime graphic designer but when the night and weekend comes into play it's a passion for electronic club music that takes control and brings out the DJ in him.

With a past in trance music and fan of bands like Nirvana and Offspring along with a flirt with 90's hip hop Runge has created a good understanding for diversity which shines through his rather broad taste of music. All this and a love for great melodies, pulsating rhythms and not least creating a party is what defines Runge as a DJ.

Back in 2007 Runge made his move from turntables to CD decks, replaced his vinyl collection with cds and became a part of the event and DJ crew known as SIMPEL which really took his DJing game one step further. So far it's brought him behind the decks at Ministry of Sound (DK), a residency at the respected Club Vesteraa and Voodoo in Aalborg his hometown, 3 years as a resident DJ on a float in northern Europe's biggest carnival, on a 80-meter long and 2500-ton heavy freighter ship from the former eastern Germany called Stubnitz, the successful RÖK events along with multiple events and parties with SIMPEL. These are just some of many things that has been added to his constantly evolving repertoire.

In the beginning of 2008 Runge launched his own monthly 2 hours online radio show called "Taking A Left Turn" which is still going strong. So far he's had guest mixes from DJs like Wolfgang Gartner (US), Niklas Harding (DK), Matt Samuels (UK), Fergie (UK), EDX (CH), Mason (NL) and Noir (DK) and many others..

The future looks bright for this Danish viking. Who knows what else the future holds for Runge ...?