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Mighty Midgets is a melodic hardcore band from Aalborg, Denmark formed in June 2006. Though the band had not existed long, the year 2006 was a year with heavy live activity. The climax was a successful 2 and a half week tour to countries as England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Czech Republic.
In 2007 the band continued to play a lot of shows in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and of course their home country Denmark, supporting bands as the Unseen, Streetlight Manifesto, Smoke or Fire, Voice of a Generation, This is a Standoff, Real McKenzies, Off With Their Heads, Fake Problems, MDC and many more.

In March, 2010, the band will release their debut full length album Raising Ruins for the Future on 5FeetUnder Records, St Records and Deadlamb Records. Mighty Midgets' earlier releases include the 2007 EP Plug-N-Pray (on their own label 5FeetUnder Records), the 2007 split 7" with Copenhagen band Stars Burn Stripes (also on 5FeetUnder Records) and the 2006 split CD with German band the Cakes on Canadian record label AMP Records. Furthermore, the band has contributed songs to various compilations from around the globe.

The band is known for their energetic live performance and their humoristic and casual stage appearance. People that have seen Mighty Midgets doesn't forget it, unless they join the band for the after party.
Mighty Midgets takes pride in writing evocative songs; often with political and personal charged lyrics. The band tries to keep a somewhat educated and positive outlook in their songs though dealing with serious subjects such as racism, homophobia, free speech and the state of the environment. The band is anti-political-correctness and believes that it's important that people make up their own minds.