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Captain Flowers consists of three or four band members; Lars Dalgaard Jeppesen, Søren Bruun Jensen, Hasse Thorup Stephansen and Gilbert Hayford(when in Denmark). Our sound is inspired by African music, especially African percussion as both Gilbert and Lars has traveled in African countries as Ghana and Zanzibar. Gilbert comes from Ghana and have african music in his soul. We were played, for the first time, on Danish national radio in December 2013. The radio host presented our sound as "happy ethnic music" and compared us with the south american artist Manu Chau. We actually have a hard time categorizing our sound as we are inspired by many different genres, bands, artists and styles. The most important thing for us is that the sound is groovy, acoustic and filled with soul. 

In our band process we have developed our own animated hero: "Captain Flowers". We hope our hero will become a real animated cartoon who will feature in our music videos some day. We like the idea of creating a hero who fights stupid things like pollution and discrimination with simple things like flowers and love. It seems obvious that economy and politics have failed to create tolerance and unity on our planet. We simply need new thoughts and new ideas. Captain Flowers is simply our way of contributing to the world - as we really believe the world needs much more love, peace, equality and of course flowers.