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The Supreme Court reversed the trial court's decision and held that this
employee can't succeed on either his reasons for action for bad faith pursuant to the
Texas Insurance Code or his DTPA factors behind action pursuant...

05/03/2018 - 04:22
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Magtfuld "Richard III"

17/02/2018 - 09:01

AEDRA's evocative metal which draws inspiration from both experimenting post-hardcore, deviant polymeters and crushing grooves is an experience in a league of its own.

AEDRA is a band who constantly crawls off the beaten path with every release. ‘No End / Open End’ opens a new chapter in the tales from the band and features harsh vocals, heavier grooves, better production, and even new incorporations of genres. The EP is released by the band’s own record label ‘Thrown Me Off Balance recordings’ and are free to distribute and download from August 28th 2009. For the fans and querious souls out there in the world a limited amount of CD pressings are to be sold as soon as possible.

AEDRA has been playing together in constellation of Peter Drastrup (drums), Loke Ansbjerg (bass), and Morten Purup (guitars) since early 2004 and has besides their newest EP ‘No End / Open End’ released both ‘Somatopagnosia’ (2008) and the EP ‘Craft of Artistry’ (2006) with help from Kenn Haunstoft (Cargo etc.) and Anders Ruby.

With their 2008 EP 'Somatopagnosia' AEDRA expanded their colourful musical palette further with their longest and - perhaps - most demanding opus'es yet. The themes on ‘Somatopagnosia’ are heavily rooted in the inability to recognize own body parts, distinguish them from other people’s limbs, and the rising anxiety, desperation and guilt following this cut off. The EP was produced by Anders Ruby (Lis er Stille, FiveDollarKillbotWhore, Puppet Arms, Vola etc.) and the highly coherent artwork was painted by Anders Davidsen (Crocell etc.